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What’s New for 2022?? Miss Riggy is Going Places! :)

In the new year we will be setting off for the warmth of the south. Last year we picked up Miss Riggy in Iowa City, Iowa in December, it was actually one year ago. We drove it home and admired it for a month or so and then we took off for Texas. Our plan was to hang out at Mustang Island State Park and then make our way to Big Bend National Park, both in Texas. Our plans changed in the middle of that trip because of the weather and we ended up leaving Texas altogether and we changed direction and headed to Florida. Even though we had no reservations in Florida, we were able to book sites at some beautiful state parks. Now, this year, THIS year, we are skipping the Texas detour and just heading straight to Florida!

We will be camping in state parks all over Florida. Our final plans are not in place yet as I am still hoping for a night or two more to open up in the Keys. It is nearly impossible to book the Florida State Parks that are in the Keys. I was lucky enough to get a couple of nights at John Pennekamp State Park and then we will head to Sugarloaf Key for a few nights too. We will start

this trip out in southern Georgia, then head to St. Augustine, then on down to the Keys, then back up to St. Pete and then onto the panhandle to a gorgeous state park called Grayton Beach State Park. After that, we will head back home for the last couple weeks of winter and the beginning of spring.

Our second planned journey for the year will be after Easter. At that time, we will be knocking off some of the National Parks we have not been to as well as revisiting a couple of our favorite parks! This trip plan also includes meeting up with son Eric and camping together at some of the parks in California. The ones we hope to knock off that we haven’t yet been to are Sequoia and Kings Canyon, Death Valley, Pinnacles, Saguaro, and Petrified Forest, White Sands and Carlsbad Caverns National Parks. Whew, that’s a hefty list! The ones I am planning to return to that I will never get enough of are Yosemite and Zion National Parks. Joel wants to make sure we stop at Rosewell, NM too, so that’s on the list. I want to see the Gila Cliff Dwellings too. I have that routed on our map too. I will have to be sure to be writing and documenting regularly as all of this places will end up blending together I’m sure. Still, obviously, I cannot wait!

Our third trip in the year will start out with our annual 911 conference. This year it will be in Louisville, Kentucky. I am not at all sure what we will plan for that trip, but if I am lucky, some of our friends will be involved! I am hoping to head to Mammoth Cave National Park again and do some of the hiking outside of the cave.

The currently scheduled 4th trip of the year will be in the late summer and to Montana! In mid-August we will hang with our friends locally at a State Park campgfound. We do this annually with 3-6 different couples. After that we will head to Montana! I love Montana to pieces and I think if we have the time, we will drive through the UP and then North Dakota and re-visit Teddy Roosevelt National Park becasue it is gorgeous and no one will be there! All the people will be in Wyoming at the Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Parks.

These first couple weeks of January we are preparing to take off for Florida and this time the working environment is going to be much less stressful! We have dedicated internet in Miss Riggy now. Last year we did not. Last year we didn’t understand all the things that we understand now. As long as we have some sort of signal, life can continue! We must be able to work while enjoying all of this beauty in our country. Earlier this fall, while Eric was home breifly, he helped Joel get much better internet coverage in the RV. This should make the trip out west so much better than last year when we went to Utah in the spinG. Halle, I say, halle hallelujah !

I am going to include here some of our picture form last year on Mustang Island in Texas and then the beautiful state parks we were in in Florida. I will find the video I took driving through Houston too when the electricy was knocked out! It was so freaky!

Here is one of the videos I took through the blackout in Houston in Februray 2021.

Grayton Beach State Park-Florida Panhandle

Grayton Beach State Park

Mustang Island State Park-Texas-Gulf Coast

Another beauty from Grayton Beach State Park

Grayton Beach State Park Again

This is a picture from a bridge at Padre Island Texas while leaving for Florida.

Gamble Rogers Memorial State Recreation Area at Flagler Beach-Florida

We lucked out with a last minute site right on the water here at Flagler Beach. This area is near Daytona Beach in Florida.

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