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Alaska 10 Part Series: Katmai National Park and Preserve-Part 10

Katmai is the CROWN JEWEL of bear viewing! Brooks River Falls is world famous for it. You have to fly there on a little plane. You can do a day trip like we did, or you can stay at the lodge or one of the cabins. The area is fenced off so the bears don’t come in. They shouldn’t want to eat you any way because you are not as tasty as all the salmon that are in the Brooks River.

Please enjoy my video recap of the flight there, the bear viewing, and then the flight back. During the flight back we got to see a pod of beluga whales from the sky. They were in Cook Inlet. They looked like giant white fish. It was incredible. We couldn’t get a good picture and we were busy enjoying that sight. Try to imagine it as you watch us flying back to Anchorage, AK!

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