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UFO sighting in Zion—LOL-This One Lady Was Convinced!

I don’t know, it’s like 9 or 10 at night, Joel has one of the dogs outside for the last time, or maybe he was loading the bikes on the back of the RV, I forget. But, anyway, he opens the door and says, “honey, you have to come here and see this.” Fine. I get up and look for my shoes. Before I find them, Joel is back saying, “hurry up, you don’t want to miss this!” What. In. The. World!??!!

I go outside and look up. There are evenly spaced stars streaking across the sky in a single line like nothing I have ever seen before, not even on Star Trek!! Ok, maybe I saw it on Star Trek once. Anyway, it just kept happening, these “stars” kept going by. It was so cool and quite phenomenal! It was dark and we are in a Dark Sky National Park so there isn’t much light around at all.

A lady in a campsite across the road has quite the reaction to the “stars”.

Here is the video Joel took! Be sure to turn up the volume to hear our neighbor let her imagination run wild. We turned off the video before she said even more wild stuff about being so scared. One of her fellow campers said, “well, we do watch a lot of UFO shows”. LOLOLOL

I found a short news article blip too that explains it perfectly. Joel pretty much knew right away what it was. As it is part of the answer to us continuing to be able to stay on the road and effectively work. We do have STARLINK up at camp and it works perfectly, it’s just stationary. Elon Musk said a couple of weeks ago that he will have that connection mobile for RVers by the end of this year! Watching those satellites go into space made it so real. Go Elon, GO!

What a fun night and our last night in Zion.

A link to the article I found:

Joel’s video.

We had terrible internet while in this area of Utah! It took me days and days to be able to upload this short video, which is just more proof that we really need Elon’s remote internet satellites to be ubiquitous! (using Elon’s name just makes you feel like you should use words like ubiquitous, LOL!)

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