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The Keys, the Keys, the KEYS!-Part 2-Curry Hammock State Park

This state park is our favorite one in the Keys! It is peaceful, the least popular and with our e-bikes, we can get to anything we’d want. We had a lot of fun kayaking near the campground and we also had fun biking from the campground. We were able to bike one Saturday to the 7-mile bridge, the one that is for pedestrians and bicycles only. It was really beautiful. You can see a little bit of it in my you tube video. I hope like heck we can get a reservation there again next year. I wasn’t able to do it via the reservation platform the Florida State Park system uses, but I will hope for a cancellation! Florida State Parks book 11 months out, 11 MONTHS!

Please enjoy my little 3 minute video of our time at Curry Hammock this past February.

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