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Miss Riggy is Parked-Planning the Next Adventures

Life is crazy, short, and unpredictable. We did plan for parking Miss Riggy outside of leaving her in our driveway and we had a garage built up on our land in West Decatur just earlier this year. Now she is parked in her new ”house” and I miss her! We call the new garage “Miss Riggy’s House”.

I have been planning, planning, planning off and on all year and have reservations booked out into February, 2022. To get into state parks in Florida in January and February you have to be on the ball. To be clear, I AM talking about state parks along or near the coast line. Some of the interior Floridian state parks are easier to book and don’t fill up the minute the reservation window opens up, like parks along the shore line or at like Bahia Honda in the Keys. There are different rules and criteria for different state parks and how far out you can book them and for how long. For instance, Florida state parks say this at their website,

  • During periods of high demand, the maximum length of a camping or cabin stay is 14 nights. After 14 nights, the camper must leave the park for at least three nights before returning for a new stay.

  • Based on availability and once the camper is registered and on-site, the park manager or designee, at their discretion, may extend a camper’s current stay up to an additional 14 nights. Maximum continuous length of stay in any one park is 28 nights.

  • Campers are permitted up to 56 nights of total occupancy in any one park in each six-month period, defined as Oct. 1 through March 31 and April 1 through Sept. 30.

These parks you can book sites 11 months out. I was booking the Florida stays for next January and February months ago. We will be gone about 5 weeks during this trip. Other states have much different criteria, I need to make myself a spreadsheet to keep it all straight, because I don’t want to stop doing this any time soon.

Some of the other things I have planned for this year that have not been cancelled because something else come up are: Munising, Michigan; Black Moshannon State Park, PA; Cowanesque Lake, PA; Martha’s Vineyard, MA. Those trips wrap up the summer. Then we head to the Gulf Coast of Alabama for a conference in October. We are taking Miss Riggy on all of these trips. Joel does have his first business meeting since the start of the pandemic coming up mid-July. He‘s flying. I’m staying home because we have a conference to get to right when Joel returns from his meeting. This life of ours is busy. It’s nice when we can take a minute to slow down.

I always say there are 3 equal joys out of traveling:

  1. The planning

  2. The actual travel part

  3. The memories and reminiscing

Try always to be involved with at least some part of the planning of any journey you take as that is a great part of the joy it brings!

If I didn’t have travel plans, I would just die, Jerry, I would just die!-Seinfeld ref.

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