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Lassen Volcanic National Park-Northern California

This park has eluded me for awhile now! I’ve been near it geographically, but not at the proper time of year. I have always been around it in the spring or winter. During that time of year, this park is closed until the snow melts. This year, 2023, for instance, the road to the top did not open until July 1! It will close again when the weather and the snow keep it from being passable.

I did not have it in my sights actually as, while I will be out in California again with Miss Riggy in March of 2024 if I am lukcy, no way will Lassen be opened up yet. That meant I was still not sure when I would be able to see this park and get it checked off of my list.. Then, we won a project in California. Then we had a kick-off meeting schedule in mid-July in Sacremento. Luck be a lady tonight! Lassen is only a 2.5 hour drive from Sacremento. This is going to happen. I’m so lucky!!

Lassen is a beautiful National Park. We didn’t have much time, but we made it work. We were able to spend a Monday morning driving through the park and stopping off for a couple of short and peaceful hikes.

Here is a quick recap of our adventure for the day at Lassen Volcanic National Park!

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