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Jonathan Dickinson State Park, Hobe Sound, Florida

Updated: Mar 1, 2022

We got the kayaks out finally!

This park is perfect for them. At this point we have been on the road for almost 3 weeks. On the drive down the eastern coast of Florida, we opted to drive down route A1A instead of taking I-95. It definitely took us a lot longer going that way, but it was beautiful and worth it! Eric and Allecia were able to get reservations at Jonathan Dickinson too so we had a little 3 vehicle convoy heading south in Florida for a little while. Those 2 young whipper snappers took I-95 for some of our journey and also went grocery shopping, they of course, beat us to the campground. We saw a bunch of cool things along A1A. I didn’t take many pictures as I was the driver for a lot of this journey, but, check out this restaurant sign we saw along the way.

Love it!

We ended up stopping for lunch in this cute little coastal town. They had a huge municipal parking lot that was mostly empty and free. The perfect spot to take the doggies out and fix a bite for lunch.

It was called Hutchinson Island.

From here it was not very far to JD State Park. This Florida State Park had lots of biking trails and terrific kayaking! There was a downside to this park, the internet signal was weak. We figured out a decent work around while we were there. Anyway, I’m digressing!

Aside from the trails and kayaking this park also boasts that it has the highest elevation point in Southeastern, Florida. Check this out! We went to the observation point at sunset. It was Eric, Allecia, Joel and myself.

If you zoom in a little (in the picture below), you can see the observation deck in the distance above the concrete slab in the foreground.

This observation tower was about 5 miles from the campground, so it took a “few” minute to get there. We almost missed the sunset. Eric and Allecia beat us there! Um, they drove and we e-biked!

ANYWAY, while all the biking was awesome, the kayaking was where I was the happiest. There were Alligator signs, but we didn’t see any gators. Hanging with all those mangroves was awesome!

Here we were pumping up the kayaks!

This is the first place we launched from and into the Loxahatchee River. I couldn’t find a picture of the second place, the it was up river from here and closer to the campground.

Kayaking along the Loxahatchee!! The weather was perfect.

Prince Charming!

The river was so low, we basically could have kayaked right under this tree, but….S P I D E R s.!

My people!!

I was so happy to have Eric and Allecia camping in the park with us! There spot was not very far away from us. We played games and had a nice campfire one night. The bugs weren’t bad but I think this is where I got a big spider bite on my hip. I lived through it, don’t worry.

This game is called Lanterns. I love it!

Eric and Allecia

Eric and Joel and Sharona

Allecia and Piper and Sharona and me.

We spent about a week here before heading down to the Florida Keys. We are planning another snowbird trip next year and this park is high on our list!

Thank you, Florida for all of these amazing State Parks!

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Gretchen Knipe
Gretchen Knipe
Feb 25, 2022

So beautiful! The people and the scenery!! This makes my heart soooo happy!!!!!

I saw my far only....sea turtle while cayaking in Florida, around Naples...such a fond memory. Thanks for sharing!

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