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Glacier National Park and the Highline Trail-conquering my fear of heights

Come along with me as I hike along a trail, the Highline Trail, in Glacier National Park. I have a fear of heights that has been scientifically documented through 23 and me and my gene analysis!! How comforting it was to know that I’m pre-disposed to this fear I have. Any way, I am constantly trying to outsmart my fear and just do the damn thing. This trail you can see people walking on from The Going to the Sun Road down below as you drive along it. We drove on the road many times and I could always see tiny little hikers on the Highline Trail. When you watch my video you will see the tiny cars below that are parked along The Going to the Sun Road. When I found out there was a chain to hold onto while you’re hiking the most treacherous part, that helped me to decide to do it. Between that and seeing lots of other people doing it and not falling to their death, then, Eric telling me flat out that I wouldn’t do it, and just wanting to conquer the fear for myself, I decided to do it. The beginning of the trail is not on this video but it is a pretty regular mountain hike until you get to where I am brave enough to use my phone to take a video. I briefly pan the camera back along the trail so you can see where I came from. That was the scariest part and no way could I video then. It was so gorgeous up there and I did immensely enjoy the lofty views! I was much more comfortable on the way back. You can hear the fear in my voice a little bit and I’m like ready to turn around at least 3 times before we actually do it. We had already done the hike to Hidden Lake just before this and I was pretty tired. I am so proud of myself for facing my fear and doing this small part of this much longer trail. The trail starts along the Continental Divide so the views are some of the best in the world.

Enjoy my video and the views from the Highline Trail at Logan Pass!

Here is a link that talks all about this trail.

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