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Escalante Petrified Forest State Park & Kodachrome State Parks in one day

Saturday! What a day! We decided a few days ago that we would be shortening our trip by about a week. Since we are coming home a bit early, I had to cancel our camping reservation at the Escalante Petrified Forest State Park. Boo! But, we did get to check it out, eat lunch and go on a nature hike showing off the petrified wood in the area. It was super cool! Who doesn’t love a nice hunk of petrified wood!??! It is here from a volcano that erupted a long time ago and preserved the wood, petrifying it.

It was kind of funny. When we got to the gate for the state park, well before we even get up to the stop sign, the park guy is approaching our vehicle quite aggressively! The look on his face was very concerning. We didn’t even get up to the spot yet and he is already coming at us. Like, COMING AT US. I’m thinking he is going to tell us the park is closed because of a shooter situation or there was some tragic landslide, seriously! The look on that guys face was scary! He got to Miss Riggy, Joel was driving, he asks us what we are doing there. Joel says we were hoping to have lunch and hike. He says so gruffly, “That will be $10 and you can park right there in front of the lake and then you better do the hike that’s right past that parking lot over there. Dogs are allowed.” I’m thinking, Wait, what? No tragedy? Joel says, “Here, take our 10 bucks”, then turns to me and says, “let’s get out of here and eat!”

We drI’ve to the lake and eat. It was right there. The trailhead for the hike was right there too. Then we went on that hike with the doggies. It was a cool hike taking you through petrified wood “forests” and to the top of the canyon overlooking the reservoir below. It was beautiful!

After that we drove to Kodachrome Basin State Park and did another hike into some slot and box canyons! Check out the pictures!

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