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Eastbound-on the road again-HOMEWARD BOUND

We have made it to eastern Nebraska and are en route to our home base! We pulled out of Deadhorse Point State Park a day early because our Friday work day got a little

busier than we anticipated and we needed to start heading home to be there for next week.

We spent the night in Golden, Colorado, the home of Coors Brewing. We were in a little RV park right down town really. It was next to Clear Creek and the City Park.we got the second to last site left! Golden is just to the west of Denver and we weren’t far from Eric’s house!

Lady was walking her cat on a leash through the campground as we were leaving (pic). Barkley was excited to play with Sharona (Pic)! There was an accident at the construction merge, loooooonnnngggggg line of traffic (pic).

Got up and got some work done and we were out of our site by 11. Then, we were on the road for 20 minutes before I pulled over for a call, it’s Friday. Back on the road a 1/2 hour later and 10 minutes from Eric & Lindsay’s! Yay! Except I transposed their house address in Waze and we went to the wrong block! Eeeeek! NOT GOOD! their neighborhood is near a TON of construction. Actually I-70 has been completely revamped near them and this coming weekend they are closing it to move the traffic to its new lanes. They call it the Mile High Project. It’s pretty major!

We plan to be home Sunday night!

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