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Dreaming of an ALPACA FARM? Watch this!

I have a 2 week trip planned with Zachary, grandson #1, age 12. The journey has a mix of camping stays, including an ALPACA Farm in Vermont via Havest Hosts. We stopped here on our first night, got the low-down the next morning with a private showing of the farm from its owner, Sandy Gordon, and all 3 of us just loved it. Sandy is a big personality and it shows. I did not necessarily intend to video for over 40 minutes but I did and this is the result. I am not a professional and I do not have the time to devote to being better at these videos right now. However, this is quite enjoyable and I hope you also enjoy it! Grab a snack, you know the go to is POPCORN! Sit back and enjoy this woman and the information she shares. If you have ever dreamt of owning an Aplaca Farm, this woman and this info could seal or crush the deal for you! Zachary’s questions and commentary are priceless. The sounds these Alpacas make, the NAMES of these Alpacas, and just the overall, uncontrollable cuteness are easy reasons to watch this! Apologies in advance for the abrupt ending. 😘

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