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Bahia Honda State Park in the Keys—Part 3

This park is very popular. It is a great spot to kayak and snorkel. We did not snorkel; however, and only biked and kayaked. We had a splendid time. Joel only nearly dumped me into the ocean once!

We lucked out with a water front site becases someone cancelled. There was terrible internet reception while we were there though so that put a damper on things and forced us to drive out to better coverage when we had the necessity for work. That was doable, obviously, but not ideal.

Now we have Starlink and I think it might help us next year there if I am lucky enough to score another cancellation. I was not able to book anything the normal way for next January or February. If you don’t know, Starlink allows us to roam now and it uses Elon Musk’s satellite system to access the internet. I will show you all about it in an upcoming video.

Bahia Honda is the closest state park to Key West and the furthest one from the mainland. It is definitely worth the drive. If you can’t camp there, at least stop in as a visitor and tour the old bridge and all of the beautiful beaches!

Thank you for supporting me, reading my writing, and watching my videos!

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