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Palm Coast, Florida and Faver-Dykes State Park

These Florida State Parks have not disappointed us yet! I don’t know if they are all amazing, but in the past two winters that we have been to some of them, we keep falling in love! The next Florida state park we discovered was Faver-Dykes State Park, in Palm Coast, Florida. We had originally planned 2 weeks here, but when cancellations opened up at one of our favorite state parks, we ended up staying here only 3 nights. A campground host from our one night prior to this told us that Faver-Dykes was full of ticks. That is not something you want to hear. Turns out, we didn’t see any ticks at all! We did not pull a one off of Piper and she is a tick magnet!

Faver-Dykes was full of hiking and biking trails too! We took full advantage whenever we had at least an hour to spare. There was an awesome Kayak launch too, but it was too cold for me to get out there! We will have to come back when it is warmer. Looks like a great Kayaking spot! Here are some pictures.

There was a cardinal that continued to hang out with us on our rear view mirror.

An interesting stop on this trip was to the dentist, for Joel, an emergency appointment that turned out to be fine. It was $300 to secure his cap back to his tooth. Here is a video I took while waiting for him. I was bored. Haha!

This is such a great kayak launch!! I would love this at Black Moshannon.

From here we head back to Gamble Rogers Memorial Recreation Area in Flagler Beach, Fl. One of our favorite places to park Miss Riggy!

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