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Grayton Beach State Park in Florida-Another FAVORITE Working From the Road Adventure

We discovered this state park in early 2021 after escaping Texas and that deep freeze that they could NOT handle. Grayton Beach SP is on the panhandle and is near a quirky seaside Florida town. I mean seriously, the motto of the town Grayton Beach is “Nice Dogs, Strange People”. It reminded me of vacationing in New Jersey at Sea Isle City (I think that is where we were) with Patty Kennedy and her family when I was in high school in State College. Anyway, the state park is fantastic! There are lots of trails for hiking and biking as well as gorgeous waters for kayaking. Depending on which campsite you are in, will decide your view and space. The sites are quite varied. There is plenty of greenery though to help with giving a little privacy at the smaller sites. Here is a video of our time there. Enjoy and, as always, Thank YOU for watching!

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