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Biking and more hiking in Zion Canyon

It is so amazing to bike through this canyon in the early evening because you feel like you have the entire place to yourselves! A couple of the past evenings we have been able to hop on our E-bikes and ride through the National Park. It’s so beautiful with the light hitting it differently all the time. No cars are allowed in part of the canyon, it’s only walkers, bikers and the shuttle. The rules are, if you are a biker and a shuttle is coming you must get off to the side of the road and stop. It seems kind of scary at first but it isn’t. The shuttle drivers are watching for you and there are never two shuttles going by at the same time. If you come here, be sure to rent an E-bike and ride through this park!

The first time we biked through we were able to hike to the Lower, Middle & Upper Emerald Pools. Some parts of those trails are definitely sketch! But, most people don’t even seem to notice, so I try to just be mindful and careful and forget I have a genetic disposition even to my fear of heights. Thank you ancestors! There were not a ton of people until you got to the Lower Pool, which is definitely the coolest. We went to the middle first, then the upper, then back to the lower. I’m not sure why we did it this way, Joel just said to.

The second time we were able to bike through the canyon it was much later in the day, so we had less time to explore. We did, however, go to some other places we hadn’t seen yet and we enjoyed a snack by the Virgin River in the Canyon at the end near the Narrows. We only saw about a dozen people this time down the Riverside Walk and they were all leaving, no one was walking in like we were. It was phenomenal. Oh, wait! There were 2 ladies running in with there fancy cameras hanging around their necks. They must have been heading in for amazing sunset shots. The canyon lights up like magic at sunset. I have a picture but like they always say, the picture just doesn’t do it justice. It is something you have to see in person.

Here are some shots from those bike rides and hikes.

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