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Watch out for FIRE ANTS in Capitol Reef National Park!!

We stopped at one of the big signs that say CAPITOL REEF NATIONAL PARK. There were only a couple of other cars, we were the only RV. GREAT! I pull in, it’s got a little circle to park around. Perfect. There is a small fence with an opening and a path through the desert towards the amazing red rocks beyond. Another win! This is perfect for our 2 small dogs, Sharona and Piper, to go to the bathroom. It is blazing and sunny but only 70 degrees. I run to the back of Miss Riggy and grab my sun shade hat. We grab the dogs and hit the trail. It’s hot in the sun and beautiful! We only go about 100 yards and turn around and head back. This is a desert. There are tumble weeks and small low prickly pear cacti. On the way back Piper got something stuck in one of her paws. Joel, my husband, bends down to take it out. We stand there for all of maybe 30 seconds. This is when I noticed the low growing prickly pear plants. He gets it out of her foot and we walk back to the coach. We didn’t bring our phones, so no cameras or pictures. We get back into Miss Riggy, get the leashes off of the dogs, and start getting ready to head back down the road. Then, all of a sudden, I feel something crawl up my leg!! AAAAAAA!!! I am wearing a pair of Birkenstocks and tight leggings. I jump and brush it off. EEEEK! It’s a fire ant! OH NO! There are more all over my feet. WHY OH WHY did I take off my socks. Oh, yeah, because I was hot. Ugh! I kick off my shoes and my husband smashes the ants. Then I’m like, OH NO, the dogs! So we look at them, nothing. We find another one crawling on the floor. I feel this urge to rip my leggings off! These leggings, of course, have this pattern that could easily look like little ants. I quickly take my them off, my intuition was just yelling, TAKE THEM OFF. I throw my leggings on the table and then we see an ant crawling on them. YIKES! I’m dancing all over the RV, swiping my hands all over me trying to get any ants that might be on me off of me! It was rather comical actually. In all we found just 5 ants. They came in on my feet. They never stung me, but they sure freaked me out! So, moral of the story is that I am not going to be basically barefoot in the desert again and to check my feet and the dogs before we get back into Miss Riggy each and every time!

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