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Martha’s Vineyard-Oh How I Love Thee!

What a fabulous island. I discover something new each time I’m here. I have been here maybe 8 times total. Well, I think this time is my 8th time, possibly my 9th, it doesn‘t matter. What does matter is how amazing this island is. There are so many nooks and crannies. It IS the first time I’ve been to this island with an RV. Our first day on the island, worked all morning and most of the afternoon and then by 4:30 we were able to take off on our E-bikes. We left the campground and headed towards Vineyard Haven. We had no plan except to possibly eat somewhere. Biking was the goal. We rode to the familiar areas of Vineyard Haven and then we took off to places unknown to us! Previously I had scouted out on Zillow some of the high-end, but let’s face it, every single thing on this island is high-end, properties that might be for sale. We rode to a ritzy area and marveled at the monstrosities and the money that exists on this island and in the world. Here are some snaps from that bike ride. These are the views the monster homes have.

We ran into this group of wild turkeys while biking around. I guess they are fattening up for our holiday. After our nice long bike ride around that part of the island we road back into Vineyard Haven and grabbed a bite to eat. We ate at the Black Dog Cafe. It was pretty tasty! Joel got their lobster roll and chowder. I got the garlic crusted cod. Here is Joel enjoying his chowdah!

I ate the garlic crusted cod so fast I didn’t take a picture. It was delicious though! The lobster roll was the least tasty item, but it was still pretty good.

I am not sure what tomorrow has in store for us, it might be rainy. Rain at the beach would be fun!

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