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Lake Powell-Bullfrog Marina, Utah

The lake is so low, low, low! When you look at the pictures look for the mark in the water that shows where the water line usually is. It’s white-ish. The first picture. No kayaking for us, bummer. When we get home I plan to kayak as much as possible!! Black Moshannon is our favorite place. We can get there in 30 mintues, kayak down to the one end or to the other end in less than an hour, then back home. So it’s a little over 2 hours total. Who is joining us???!!!

Anyway, back to Lake Powell. This lake is soooo long! And the blue of it is amazing, though the sun has to be on it just right for it to be THAT blue, otherwise it’s Less blue. Our campground is primitive, we were supposed to be in the other campground here that has full hookups but we were confused coming in because there are ZERO signs. You have to check in at the lodge too. We didn’t even know that except for reading one of the reviews that revealed that tidbit of info. Again, ANYWAY, we ended up getting it all squared away only to decide to stay in the primitive site anyway because it is amazing and there are only about 5 other campers in the whole place!

SO! Our boondocking skills, or lack there of, will come into play! Solar install, let’s see how well you work! The weather has been gorgeous. It’s sunny all day long until about 4, then it has gotten cloudy through sunset, and windy as all get out Monday and Tuesday, today, it isn’t windy, then the clouds clear up and you see more stars than you’ve ever seen in your life! More stars than you even realized that are out there! You younger people would be seeing even more stars than I can see anymore. Temperatures are in the mid 70s and drop to mid 50s. If you ask me that is perfect weather. Some winter I want to spend my time in the RV chasing 70 degrees.

There aren’t many creatures here, like rodents. It’s really dry, really, really dry. I’ve seen one lizard, 3 crows, 2 birds, 3 horseflies who were feasting on the front of our bug ridden Miss Riggy, EW!, and 2 moths, in the 4 days we’ve been here. I thought I might hear coyotes or some crickets, but nope, but then last night I think I did hear one cricket! It’s Wednesday today and we have just been working here full entire days and then riding our bikes around at night and managing our energy. It’s really kind of fun. We manage our water too. I mean, it’s available just down below and we an easily go fill up but we want to see how long we can go. I’m learning things and I like that. The sun has gotten our batteries almost fully charged during the day and we don’t use much energy either. We haven’t needed AC at all, though, if we did, we would have to run the generator, the solar and batteries can’t handle the AC, you have to be plugged into power or run the generator.

This area of Utah is so very remote. We didn’t understand that at all really. Luckily we have plenty of food, but we are out of bananas and I was ready to buy some more fresh veggies, but, NOPE! There are zero Walmarts in this part of Utah and the grocery store is a marina gas station. We did find 1 green pepper there that was worth eating, LOL. It’s like an old, worn out, 1/4 Uni-Mart. There isn’t a grocery store for miles and miles and it’s just mountainous, desserty and Mars-like all around, except for Lake Powell.

Lake Powell is in the Glen Canyon National Recreation Area which connects to Canyonlands National Park. It’s actually a whole bunch of rivers that come together in these canyons to form the lake with the Glen Canyon Dam. No large boayes, like house boats, are not allowed in the lake when it is this low. I believe that because we are so far north on the lake, that it is even lower than the part down south closer to the Arizona border. I believe it is higher down there, but still not at its usual depth. It is still beautiful and so blue at times. There are night fisherman too out there. I see 3-6 green lights flashing on the water when I awake in the middle of the night. It’s fun!

We leave tomorrow (Thursday night) and head even more south in Utah and pass a decent grocery store along the way, woo! Please, have bananas for us! We are headed to Monument Valley and intend to find the spot that Forrest Gump made so popular. It is going to be hot, hot, hot, when we get there, but we are in a KOA (not my favorite, but they are OK) and have full hookups! So, Hollywood shower, here I come! (That’s a shower, where you do not have to conserve water!)

We got some exploring in and road our bikes to the water! The water is at least 40’ lower than in the past where we rode to. We looked for fossils and Arrowheads but only found some sea shells. We were walking all around where the water used to be. It was very quiet. No one was around. It was dry. We saw a lizard! We watched the sunset in the quiet serenity and then rode back to Miss Riggy. The dogs were happy to see us! I grabbed a picture of the Big Dipper too, can you see it?

Back home in less than 2 weeks!

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