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Dead Horse Point State Park-Utah

My goodness this place is gorgeous! The name though, what the heck is up with that? I found out. Here’s the scoop. Legend says that cowboys in the 19th used the area as a natural coral for horses. These horses often died of exposure. Hence the name. There aren’t any trees around and it’s 2000 feet down to the Colorado River below. The final scene of Thelma and Louise was filmed at Dead Horse Point SP and the rock climbing scene in Mission Impossible 2 was filmed here.

The place is so beautiful. It’s more amazing than the Grand Canyon which is saying something, right? It is really pretty. We had 2 nights scheduled here but gave the last night up to get started heading home. We had a big work day and week ahead and needed to get home early. We decided this early on so we took full advantage of the time we did have at the park. We actually did a scouting trip earlier from Moab to make sure that there was cell coverage. We needed strong signal for working! So, we got that done and then headed off on our bikes. There weren’t many bicyclists on the road, they were all on the trails. We did some trails until I wrecked twice! Yikes! I was only bruised and the bike was fine both times. Those E-Bikes are HEAVY when you are falling and that throttle is a bugger when you grab it while falling, LOL! We had a great campsite too, the campground we were in was new in 2018 and it’s NICE! Each site had a tent pad and a picnic table with a nice sized shelter that we could keep our bikes in too and have plenty of room. It was WINDY while we were there. Actually, this whole trip was rather windy, with high wind warnings all the time. At Dead Horse the gusts were up to 50 MPH! We had sand everywhere. We had a nice colorful sunset and when the winds were not quite as bad we had a fire for a bit. Such a beautiful place! The road to Dead Horse from Moab is INCREDIBLE! I took a video and hope to get it posted next! It’s one of the most incredible roads. Utah has a lot of them, this is one, it’s route 313 west near Moab. That road, the I-70 corridor in Western Colorado and US highway 12 through the Grand Staircase around Escalante, Utah is absolutely incredible!! Here are my favorite picture and a video

of Dead Horse Point State Park!

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