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Alaska: 10 Part Series, Part 5-Lake Clark National Park

Updated: Jan 13

🐻✈️ BEARS Unleashed: My UnBEARlievable Adventure in Lake Clark National Park! ✈️🐻

BEARS, BEARS, BEARS, and did I mention... more BEARS!! 🐻🌲

Imagine this: a mind-blowing flight that lands you at Redoubt Lodge on Crescent Lake in Lake Clark National Park, and suddenly, you're not just in Alaska – you're in a bear's playground! I'm already daydreaming about going back; the place has my heart, or should I say paw print?

Lake Clark has officially dethroned all other parks; it's my numero uno! Witnessing over 20 bears in their natural habitat was like a front-row seat to the wildest reality show ever. No fear, just me and the GRIZZLY BEARS, kicking back and enjoying the show. Describing that feeling? Almost as impossible as teaching a fish to ride a bicycle!

Now, if you're up for a chuckle or a bear-sized dose of joy, spend a mere 4 minutes of your life watching my YouTube video. I guarantee it's a mini-vacation for your soul!

Picture this: mornings on a boat with about 8 fellow bear enthusiasts and our trusty guide. Cruising the lake, spotting Grizzly Bears on the shoreline, and suddenly, you're rubbing elbows with a great brown bear – like, literally! Lunch breaks at the lodge include a feast with local salmon that'll make your taste buds dance a jig. Delicious doesn't even cut it! Then, back on the boat for another round of bear-spotting, because why stop at 20?

If Alaska is on your bucket list and you're craving an adventure that's off the charts, trust me – book a bear tour! It's not just a tour; it's a BEAR-illiant experience! 🚤🐾 #BearBonanza #LakeClarkLove #GrizzlyGetaway #AlaskaAdventures


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