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ALASKA: 10 Part Series, Part 2

Part 2: A Journey of Hiccups and Highlights

Fast forward to our 7th day, and we find ourselves at Denali National Park, or as I fondly recall it from 1983, Mt. McKinley (at least that's what Grandma called it).

But our initial enthusiasm has lost some of its luster because, lo and behold, we both caught a virus. Not the kind you can quarantine with a firewall, mind you. So, here we sit, sipping DayQuil and NyQuil like it's the latest mixology trend, thanking our lucky stars we stocked up in Anchorage.

After all, Alaska is essentially a colossal game of hide-and-seek, stretching 2.5 times the size of Texas. It's like Texas but with more glaciers and fewer cowboy hats.

Our first week was a whirlwind of national park-hopping. Kenai Fjords, check!

We navigated the high seas, sharing our royal yacht with fellow landlubbers, kings of the sea, if you will.

Then came Lake Clark National Park – twice as nice! We soared in on a seaplane, landed gracefully on Crescent Lake, and embarked on a photographic

bear-hunting journey on a pontoon boat.

Spoiler alert: Lake Clark is now perched atop my national park rankings.

But the adventure continued, as we returned to Denali for a second dose of wilderness wonder. This time, we opted for the Denali Lodge experience,

elevating our status to explorers of the upscale variety. Jeep excursions and town escapades

followed, and we hopped on the train to Fairbanks, adding another notch to our Alaska Railroad belts.

Here are a couple of clips from that last leg of our Alaska Train Journey.

Stay tuned for Part 3!

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