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A BAT in our RV!

Our RV, Miss Riggy, is a great little house. Some times our little house has us overnighting in parking lots while we traverse the country. A couple of nights ago we did just that. We got groceries and asked to stay in their parking lot, this was a Walmart in North-Eastern Minnesota, the manager said, sure, just don‘t stay all day tomorrow. 🤪 I was so tired, wiped out. I hadn’t slept much and it was hitting me hard. It was around 9:30pm local time. Joel was taking the dogs out for their last time of the night. He takes them out one by one. He opens the door and stands there exchanging dogs but the door is never opened for that long. But, you see, when you are in a parking lot with bright lights, that brings bugs. Who loves to eat yummy bugs? BATS! So, next morning we are making our breakfast and out of the corner of my eye I see this giant bat signal displayed on the roof! Quickly realizing that this was not the bat signal and an actual bat, I screamed, “a bat, a bat!” Cover my head with my arms, and run into the bathroom. There is a 5” gap or so below the bathroom door, I quickly covered that up, just in case the bat flew low and decided to join me. I was yelling to Joel from the bathroom now as he was right next to me when the bat decided to start flying around. I yelled, “use the broom, use the broom!”. He is on his own as I am in the bathroom wishing I had my phone to call Eric who was parked right next to us to come over and help release this bat! Then I remember that I wear a watch that is a phone! Woo, how handy. So, I quickly dial Eric. Frantically tell him that there is a bat a bat a bat in the RV. Help, Help! Come Quickly! In my head I was saying this coherently, in reality, I had to repeat myself because I was not coherent. It wasn’t long, maybe 3 or 4 minutes and they got the bat out. He flew around like he was on a racetrack and Joel used the broom and dust pan to try to guide him out the opened door. Eric was able to grab one of our blankets. Eventually the tired out bat, landed near the door and Joel was able to shew him out the door and into the OUTSIDE world where he belongs. After all of this excitement, I googled “bat in my RV” and after reading a bunch of things, determined this brown bat flew in after a bug when Joel was taking the dogs out for their last time of the night. I was already asleep. I keep this styrofoam piece above my head by the bed. This piece of styrofoam is holding our bathroom door from rattling while we drive down the road, but when we are parked, I have it above my head. Well, while I was sleeping and Joel came in with the bat, UNKNOWINGLY, it flew over by me and knocked that styrofoam down and onto me. I opened my eyes was like what was that? Joel is like I don’t know, not really realizing that the styrofoam just fell on me. I put it back and fell back to sleep. Now I realize that the bat knocked it down and then stopped flying around because Joel Did not go to bed as early as I did. I remember seeing a sort of shadow out of the corner of my eye when I was half asleep and putting that styrofoam back up. I have floaters in my eyes and I often think I see something that isn’t there, so I chalked it up to that. You know, from now on, I am going think there is a bat around!!! Always having an adventure here in Miss Riggy.

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